The WASP vol. 7 – What Does The Wasp Say?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 20.09.22.png


Dog Goes Woof, Wasp Says “Bye”


After the entire academic year and six issues of The Wasp, one could expect some sort of a summary. A conclusion. Especially since the theme suggests that the writing staff is about to pull a Martin Luther King and deliver some sort of a world-changing speech. What we certainly do want to do, is to ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding you for this time you spent with us. Even more, we, the editors, would personally want to thank those faithful, beautiful, creative people (you know who you are), who in between taking classes, studying for exams, writing theses, and taking care of their children managed to help us build a quite an energetic wasp nest.

Yet, even though The Wasp has been overwhelmingly managed by women, absolutely nothing would have been possible without all the help we have received from two particular men. Do you know this flying dude with a cape and an “S” on his chest? Well, our Waspy knights in shining armors do not possess their capes and suits (yet!). However, The Wasp would not exist without our two Saviors With a Shining (Even If Only Symbolic) “S” Sign Shimmering on Their Statuesque Chests – Prof. Szklarski and Mr. Szyja, who believed in us and let us freely explore the meanders of knowledge. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Throughout those six issues, our wonderful writing crew managed to use a diversity of literary techniques, such as articles, short stories, and poetry, to touch upon various topics on American culture, business, and politics – from studying supernatural activities and sadistic pleasures, discovering the secret of the ASC basement, analyzing color in movies, discussing the influence of Barbie, and studying vampirism in novels; through commenting on the marriage institution, feminism, primitive behaviors, diversity, identity, and obesity; to reflecting upon gun politics, political and military crises in the world, city- dwellers, consumerism, and the production of cornflakes and Coke. Our nest grew and expanded its boundaries giving the readers plenty of fascinating material to devour, and the authors a chance to enrich their writing experience.

The secret of The Wasp, ancient mystery, somewhere deep in the classroom, we are hiding, we are writing. We are writing for you, our dear readers. Since this issue’s publication coincides with the exam session, we thought you might need a break between watching your favorite show and doing all the chores that need to be taken care of. And studying, obviously. So, what does The Wasp say? As usual, many things. Wanna read about astronauts, emoji, stereotypes, sex, animals, crime, feminism, you name it, we have it all! Thus, we bid you a Waspy farewell, and invite you to invade the inventive inventory. Good night and good luck!


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