The WASP vol. 6 – Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country, Ask What’s For Lunch

The WASP vol. 6:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 20.54.37.png


Your Home Is Where Your Stomach Is


This month’s theme is a nice spin on John F. Kennedy’s famous line, which we all know, thus it is not necessary to repeat it. The sarcastic twist on the plea for social mobilization comes from someone who was a master in many fields, and some of you might even be familiar with his masterpiece, Citizen Kane. Some, because apparently there are still some (any Americans in here?) who are too cool for rosebud. Was Welles right? Should we be only focused on our stomachs and simply not engage in making our countries better? Mr. Welles?

Certainly some Americans adopted this way of thinking, and one proof is an astonishing percentage of obesity in America. Yet, how come America is still one of the most patriotic nations, and local politics thrive like nowhere else? Perhaps having one’s eating desires fulfilled contributes to making you a better citizen. After all, when you’re full, you’re also full of new energy that has to be transferred someplace else. And one place could be this patriotic duty expressed in political engagement. If this is true, let’s eat more! And make our Polish (American as well) right-wing politicians eat less.

In this issue we will largely ignore the political meaning of the theme, and we will focus on food. For food is, whether we want it or not, more tangible and graspable than some horrifying Other, which politics is for the majority of us. The article of the month by Marta Natalia Giers will ponder on how we should formulate questions when we want to talk about sexuality, and she will also give you some crucial tips on how to play chess. Later on, we will get some cereals, drink some Coke, eat some stereotype-free piece on Middle-Eastern cuisine from the Airbnb menu, taste some gender, choke on consumerism, bite into some not- ness, and digest on how some artists can inspire people (especially when they die). Get a fork and a knife, and let’s go!


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